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WhatsApp new feature (A detailed review)

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WhatsApp midway into this month rolled out a new version of their application, they had actually been releasing different versions since but non included a major feature since the last one which came with the quote feature.

Well this new version(2.16.277) comes with the MENTION FEATURE , I gave it the name o, it’s was officially called so.

This feature is valid only for group messages, to use you’ll need to update your WhatsApp messenger application, it’s necessary, the new feature is not like terms and conditions update, it’s a feature, new codes embedded in the app so not functional on previous versions.

After upgrading, open your WhatsApp, go to a group and type ‘@‘ a list of all participants in the group will pop up, to select simply click on the person whom you intend to mention and that’s it, write your message and send.

•You can mention as many people as you want.
•If a user clicks on a mention, it takes them directly to the profile of the person mentioned .

CON : The person mentioned doesn’t get alerted.

Apart from the MENTION FEATURE, the new version came with some other upgrades though, new emotions have been added and all the emotions look better than the ones in the last version (thank God, the ladies now walk/run left) and of course it doesn’t lack end to end message encryption.

NOTE: As hinted in the 2nd screenshot above you can still quote messages even alongside mentions, though I find mentioning more appealing.

Well, that’s it about the update, DOWNLOAD HERE, and tell us, what do you think?


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