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Black Diamond

Poem, Poetic

I am living in a dream That day you set across the sea That day your boat sailed towards my empty shores Not minding the bad Navigation. If this was an equation I can’t solve the you + me thing I feel I feel it, but can’t see it I feel the wonders, beauty, joy, …


literature, Poem

Living inside the roof of depression, walking helter shatter like mental patients, Bitterness abducted sweetness from our coven, Our lips were shut by the federation, No wonder the government speak of promises during campaign. Our feets stepped on broken bottles without pains,  humanity painted us useless, Eyes vowed to help the homeless, Cloth our naked …

LOVE_ Is and Not

Poem, Spoken Word

Strong force, The ultimate propelling force.. Characterised by the intense feeling of giving up one’s self to satisfy another. Something true. Inexpressibly crafted to be used, reused, renewed, The exegesis of ecstasy.. Unconditional.. A timeless event devoid of human space, No venue, No date. Choices suffer inertia when its on the go, Its boundless, Its …