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So Quick (A Poetic Journey)

Poem, Story
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Few moments ago I was an infant, 
Sinking in the taste of milk from mothers breast.
With those warm taps on my back,
Putting my head to rest. 

No longer a baby sinking in lullaby, 
Now a boy forced to school. 
Yet mama turned deaf ears to tears from my eyes
To myself I said, “I hate school”. 

So quick it was
That these memories are like seconds ago
Once small, now tall
What do they call it?, oh yea GROWTH!! 

From single I was, to couple I am. 
Once chanting Dad, now been called daddy. 
Once a man living in my lonely heart, 
Now have it filled with family. 

Wait!!!!? my Afro is gone, 
My face now wrinkles 
Guess old age has come. 
How fast I got here, only time holds the clue. 

Where’s my warm bed? 
What’s this tight closet without pillows? 
Guess it’s called a coffin instead. 
How did I get here?, only God knows. 

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Odiaka Tobechukwu Harrison, popularly known as HARRISON MICHEAL due to his poems and spoken words, He has plethora of poems in his name. Like, LOVE FOR SALE, THE CALL, THIS LOVE, BEGGARS ON WHEEL etc.
He’s also a poet with students and gifted abilities, and also a of 663Academy, FOS, CITADEL OF LIFE, etc.

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