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His Soliloquy

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And so here we are
Just where it all began
It hurts seeing you from afar
But I guess loving you is all I can.

All I needed was just a smile
All I asked for, was your attention
Yet all to void and I wonder why
Why put me in this situation?

Guess to you I’m nothing,
And all my thoughts are but dreams.
A place in your heart I can’t fit in
Don’t worry, I know what it means.

Why can’t I move on just like you did?
Guess it’s cos there was nothing between us.
Yes indeed there was nothing,
So let’s just say it ain’t worth striving for.

Love has sentenced me to thoughts
For you, I don’t care who’s the judge
So please charge me to court,
And I’ll have love’s advocate touch.

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Odiaka Tobechukwu Harrison, popularly known as HARRISON MICHEAL due to his poems and spoken words, He has plethora of poems in his name. Like, LOVE FOR SALE, THE CALL, THIS LOVE, BEGGARS ON WHEEL etc.
He’s also a poet with students and gifted abilities, and also a of 663Academy, FOS, CITADEL OF LIFE, etc.

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