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Aduni III

Poetic, Spoken Word, Video

Hi everyone, been quite a while, merry Tuesday morning, today I bring you beautiful pretty magic in a simple form yet exquisite, 6minutes you won’t regrets. ADUNI III. Having with time performed I and only given II in written form the IIIpart comes straight out of the box with a video of its own, herein you’d …


Article, Poetic, Spoken Word

Affection, Rejection.. Double word that interbreeds to produce commotion. Reflecting on these piles of papers, This controversial topic pierce my heart, I bleed and opine that It would be rather beautiful and sensible to put on the pair of shoe, Not just one And a double hat of critical analysis and indepth thinking, With of …


literature, Poem, Spoken Word

This is a story about the man who left his glory To make us holy, And I mean the king of kings Who left the divine Trinity because of you and me So we can get closer to his father “THE KING OF GLORY”, And get saved from sin For truly this HE did. And …