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Reading Time: 1 minuteI saw faces looking like masquerade, Twerking to the rhythm of tosses made from men lips, Their eyes are tips, They are already made. Blossom are caress day in day out, Washed from worldiness given from the goddess of riches, They thought they are titches, Beauty like a beast painted inside out. Ugly faces beautified …

Beggars On Wheel

literature, Poem, Poetic

Reading Time: 1 minuteBeggars on wheel Hope seems lost Is death the key That’s the question that comes forth Beggars on wheel So the sign board reads But wheels I see not, only archaic wooden sticks And them drenched in poverty’s court With our political physicians Roaming around with their pot bellies Claiming to heal the land But …

My Woman

Poem, Poetic

Reading Time: 3 minutesFrom time immemorial  From when I can’t recall We’ve been taught that ladies are meant to be helpmates They are beautiful, soft creatures, treat them as such They need care and much love But the true meaning of love is dead For current definitions of love are mere spoken words Words electroplated with glittering gold …