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What Happened?

life, Man, Poem, Poetic

WHAT HAPPENED Where’s my mother, where’s she? Dad! dad, where are you? Last I remember was this, this, Wait, this sounds of bombs, guns, then dead people How did I survive this? Is my dog safe? I can’t fathom any of this What’s my fate? Last was peace, now war Why? What are we fighting …


Article, Poetic, Spoken Word

Affection, Rejection.. Double word that interbreeds to produce commotion. Reflecting on these piles of papers, This controversial topic pierce my heart, I bleed and opine that It would be rather beautiful and sensible to put on the pair of shoe, Not just one And a double hat of critical analysis and indepth thinking, With of …

Glory In Sin

Poem, Poetic

GLORY IN SIN I smiled in sweet pains Dining with a man called sin, He glued my heart yet he had no glue I need a clue. His mind is disastrous He was never righteous, Yet my belly was filled in darkness And lust became my happiness. I choked everyday in hatred Evil became my …