12LOL (X) – “X”

What would it be? What if I woke up tomorrow and had no knowledge of me? Would your love stay woke for me? What if I lost the touch? the magnificent one I with the pen make occur Would I still have your loving touch? What if I lost it all? Read more…

By Cirphrank, ago

I’ll miss your call.

(I) I’m hoping you’d say yes, But it’s still your call, can I, miss? (II) All of this years, my heart stood a fortress First time I saw you, your steps sounded like a knock And I could’ve sworn, with the way loving you hit me like a flood You Read more…

By Cirphrank, ago

What Happened?

WHAT HAPPENED Where’s my mother, where’s she? Dad! dad, where are you? Last I remember was this, this, Wait, this sounds of bombs, guns, then dead people How did I survive this? Is my dog safe? I can’t fathom any of this What’s my fate? Last was peace, now war Read more…

By Cirphrank, ago


Affection, Rejection.. Double word that interbreeds to produce commotion. Reflecting on these piles of papers, This controversial topic pierce my heart, I bleed and opine that It would be rather beautiful and sensible to put on the pair of shoe, Not just one And a double hat of critical analysis Read more…

By AFI, ago

Glory In Sin

GLORY IN SIN I smiled in sweet pains Dining with a man called sin, He glued my heart yet he had no glue I need a clue. His mind is disastrous He was never righteous, Yet my belly was filled in darkness And lust became my happiness. I choked everyday Read more…

By Cirphrank, ago