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What Happened?

life, Man, Poem, Poetic

WHAT HAPPENED Where’s my mother, where’s she? Dad! dad, where are you? Last I remember was this, this, Wait, this sounds of bombs, guns, then dead people How did I survive this? Is my dog safe? I can’t fathom any of this What’s my fate? Last was peace, now war Why? What are we fighting …

Glory In Sin

Poem, Poetic

GLORY IN SIN I smiled in sweet pains Dining with a man called sin, He glued my heart yet he had no glue I need a clue. His mind is disastrous He was never righteous, Yet my belly was filled in darkness And lust became my happiness. I choked everyday in hatred Evil became my …

Sonnets Of Love

Poem, Series

  SONNET 01 TO HIS MISTRESS How time flies Memories now seems like yesterday But in speed, time drives And take you away Wish my words could travel Wish time could bring these words to you For in shock my heart marvels On what I feel for you And if only words were enough To …