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Your Smile.

love, Poem, Poetic

Joy like an unending river flow Doth it brings Bliss doth it yields For when those lips part, happiness is free. When they part, To reveal a smile or give a kiss Either is a beautiful mystery That always leave butterflies in my belly. Love, a feeling you make me understand, Yet, I can’t explain …


literature, love, Poem

Blowing breeze, rising sun, falling snow That’s how my heart beats for you calm, harsh and cold You mesmerise my heart like it is destined to be yours Invade my thought like you at meant to be there. Your touch like electric shock Tumbling rush of sensational flow Your smile captivates my every moment Your …

Love For Sale(Cover) -Cirphrank

love, Poem

Love For Sale (Cover) By Cirphrank IWrite | (Read Love For Sale By Harrisson M. here: http://betayarn.com/2017/09/17/love-for-sale/) | My Pocket’s filled with emptinessExpensive things only my mind can wearI’ve got a lady I like, and oh yea she knowsBut hell no, she can’t date a guy who is broke… I’m broken, downcast, so I’m asking: Who’s buying? Trees …