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Education, a discuss. (ii)

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Education (ii) Education within school setting isn’t greater than that outside school setting, “everybody na king for im own lane”, don’t go feeling like Optimus Prime ‘cos you’re an undergraduate or a graduate. Some even permit me to say, stupidly go feeling pompous with an O’ level certificate. Each form of education has its use, …

The fore shadows, freedom at last. (An Independence literature)

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Image gotten from ask.naij.com It all started with Kunle looking at me in the eyes, saying Scott, I can’t do this no more, not anymore Scott, this is outright slavery, I very much understood what he meant, I actually agree with him, but perhaps he was right when he said; Scott, you are just scared! …

A healthy lifestyle is more than Gym and Foods, what’s your definition?

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Hey there, hope your day was fine. Tonight it’s a talk about our lifestyle, so I’m going to ask a quick one, is your lifestyle healthy? Yes or No? Hmm, if your answer is no, keep reading, if yes: what’s a healthy lifestyle? Answer it in your head and read on. I’m currently giggling: gotcha! …