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Public speaking is an art of giving speeches to inform, persuade or entertain. Public speaking is not necessarily about giving speeches in front of thousands of people. Talking in front of three or four people is also public speaking and we all at one point in our lives will be engaged in this art. As …

Olamide – Science Students, a case of actions vs feelings paradox.

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Hiya everyone, happy weekend, hope your week was awesome, mine was nothing short. Today I’ll be discussing with us my opinion on how hard it can be to be true to oneself at times plus how people react to what they see without even trying to look beyond. Main case study:  OLAMIDE. In line with one …

The Difference Between Raw Talent And Pure Talent! (Monday Digest)


Hi there, great evening. Welcome to a great week, full of new opportunities, and I’d root for you to make the most of it! Today I’d be making a short analysis, and as the title has rightly informed you, we’d be looking at the difference between Raw and Pure talent, let’s go. Nothing is new, just the everyday view …


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Affection, Rejection.. Double word that interbreeds to produce commotion. Reflecting on these piles of papers, This controversial topic pierce my heart, I bleed and opine that It would be rather beautiful and sensible to put on the pair of shoe, Not just one And a double hat of critical analysis and indepth thinking, With of …