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Your Smile.

love, Poem, Poetic

Joy like an unending river flow Doth it brings Bliss doth it yields For when those lips part, happiness is free. When they part, To reveal a smile or give a kiss Either is a beautiful mystery That always leave butterflies in my belly. Love, a feeling you make me understand, Yet, I can’t explain …

HeART Call (01)

Arts, Drawing

Today, in this post, we’ll be taking a quick break off writing and like we would be doing every now and then henceforth, we’ll start with this man, a student of UNIVERSITY OF BENIN studying Chemistry but with a burning passion for biro drawings and he dabbles with some other forms of art too, like …

Dead (A dirge)

Poem, Poetic

Today I question my breath Today I doubt my sanity Today I know God ain’t bias But I’m breathing and he’s dead. I didn’t pray for him for years And in my hustle I found reason not to make contact Today I stare at my meal and his face I see And when I see …

Olamide – Science Students, a case of actions vs feelings paradox.

Article, lifestyle

Hiya everyone, happy weekend, hope your week was awesome, mine was nothing short. Today I’ll be discussing with us my opinion on how hard it can be to be true to oneself at times plus how people react to what they see without even trying to look beyond. Main case study:  OLAMIDE. In line with one …

Daddy’s Boy

music, Rap, Sponsored

Okay people, I’ve gotta say this the most impressing jam I’ve listen to since T’ Challa took our attention with the panther. This rap has our own man, Oje doing justice to movable vibes with lyrical head busting lines. No much talk necessary, just download, listen, and thank me later. Download Oje – Daddy’s Boy …