The Christmas Archive.
He puffed like he was letting out some pent up anger but actually it was just a release of a long held breathe which was as a result of him getting lost in thought.
What’s wrong? Scott asked with worry faintly saturating his countenance, for he had noticed for some minutes now, Olamide haven’t really been himself since he got here.
Don’t worry man, just a few more minutes and the fish would be ready he added before Ola even got to answer him, although, he knew it wasn’t the fish.
No, that’s not it man, Ola replied. I’ve just been thinking you know…
No, I don’t know, about what? Scott asked with a countenance that said: tell me something I don’t know.
Ola went on anyway.
See, it’s about mama throwing jabs indirectly and a couple of other things. Reckon I went home for the festivities? Been quite a while I did, and though it seemed like they were trying to adjust to not having me around, yet there was this something about them that yelled that my absence in recent years wasn’t really sitting well with them.
I got mama something, and as I fumbled with putting it on her, she laughed quite hard at how I was finding the task a daunting one and then she asked, was it your girlfriend that got me this one? I gave her the look of mama! you have started again o, I never blow na (Since it’s like I can not use the small boy like me again line). I killed it with no, just stop laughing and let me focus on the job at hand.
Well, that evening, I played Bambi by Jidenna for her, and upon hearing the lyrics, she asked; “errm, which girl is this one for?” for you now! I retorted, didn’t I say earlier right before I played it? She hissed and said something like “limme joor, u no well” and went on talking with my sis.
So the night came and I asked her for wrapper, Scott you know I get cold easily, but I had no fears leaving my wrapper at home, because mama has them in large gaan… Well, when I asked, she told me she had no casual wrapper anymore, just the ones she wears to church and the ones she wants to give to my brothers’s wives and mine as we get married!
At this point I activated the rascal in me! Mama if you don’t give me a wrapper now, I will let you sleep off and thereafter break your box and pick my choice I threatened, my dad gave his support saying: “GBAM!” and then she gave in, and gave me one.
You know what Scott, I just remembered the deadline she gave, and I think she’s just having her fears that if by now I don’t an affair, I might just not have a girl to tell her about let alone show by 25, mehn that woman can fear!
Shey you believe me say I go soon get girl? Right Scott?
‘Guy, No! I don’t believe you, I’m with your mum on this, you’ve been telling me that story for over 5years now! yet I neva see “she she” till today!’
Sullen, Olamide said; ‘but na wa 4 u o, u wey b my real G again, you suppose understand na…” You know school’s killing me, and my works don’t leave me with much time to manage anything else.
Well, with your intelligence and things you do, everyone knows school ain’t got nothing on you if you don’t let, and that degree can’t hide for life, ‘gon be yours anyway in due time. You just need to stop worrying in a large measure. And you saying you ain’t got time to keep up with loved one and having a loved one is just outrightly a false excuse, for same you has really analysed that there will always be a way when the heart is willing. “So guy talk something else” Scott protested.
3days later
Benseen: oboy! Olamide! you sleep yesterday night at all so? see as your eye be like battle ground aftermath? You never stop this all nights… guy na die you dey so o!
December, 23rd. 2090.
Olamide publishes a book under the name he was fondly called by his mates back in the varsity days, Olamide. Yes, the name is a nick, as initiated by Benseen.
And the foreword of the book reads thus;
I’ve in this life well spent written a lot right from the days only money made sense to me to the days my senses started picking up more sensible understanding, And of all I’ve written, non is as true as the contents of this foreword. I shall try brevity and let a short paragraph do justice.
“No greater treasure than loved ones, and money matters but just a spice it is, in a food called love, JUST ONE of the spices, amidst many more that give life a meaning through the consumption of this food daily.”
I can barely wield a pen gallantly like I could back in the days, but her hands in mine, and these grand kids funny smiles littering this place with life, this love my memory strongly retains, lovely memories right from my 20s, expressed and gotten in countless ways I’m sure no grave can put an end to them. I dare say the have eternal life, they must be born again I guess. Mama was right, and will always be. And thanks to Scott and all that made me figure that when it comes right, you don’t need money to suit up before you can embrace love in all of it’s forms.
(c)Cirphrank. The grind should keep you going, not practically grinding you.
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