My eyes on my phone
In shadows my soul lies
My heart is cold
And my mind sighs
My chin soaked in tears
My love to her was a problem
Grant me the chair
And I shall sit to solve them
But no she said
My heart’s not yours
And my eyes turned red
Then a smoker asked me, “what brand of weed is yours? “
Though in her smiles I see something,
Something more beautiful than the stars.
But in darkness has she locked me in,
And sorrow telling me “HI” from a distance.
Let all truth be false
And all lies be true
For the bridge to her heart, I couldn’t cross
And to her, my love has no proof.
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Categories: literaturePoem


Odiaka Tobechukwu Harrison, popularly known as HARRISON MICHEAL due to his poems and spoken words, He has plethora of poems in his name. Like, LOVE FOR SALE, THE CALL, THIS LOVE, BEGGARS ON WHEEL etc. He's also a poet with students and gifted abilities, and also a of 663Academy, FOS, CITADEL OF LIFE, etc.

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