Oh beautiful Africa
My heart yearns for your growth
My arms long to hold your waist
Endowed with nature’s most precious
Sought for by many
Your wings more colourful than the rainbow
Your strength in the unity of many
Or so it’s supposed to be
What happened to that prowess?
You should have grown better by now
I call on you oh Africa
Hopefully your ears still function
I shout on top of my voice
In a bid that your hear me
Listen listen oh beautiful Africa
Listen to the voice of your patriots
Your wings are widely spread
Carefully arranged in its own array
Strong enough to soar the skies
Yet very weak, cannot fly
When will you use your wings?
When will you soar?
When will you dance to the gentle wind?
For we await your ascension
Persons come from far and near
To behold the beauty of your prowess
That prowess you now strongly fight to uphold
But the forces within are so powerful
Almost overpowering your strongholds
They tell the world you’re fine
But you’re dying within
Your organs failing with time
Soon there will be nothing left
Nothing to clamor about
Your babies are crying
Your children are dying
Don’t you care for these ones?
Are u so weak that you can’t even tell?
Do you have to settle for less?
Your wings are broken, Yes, but can be mended
Your fields are getting dried up
Your produce are rotting away
Year in year out visitors troop in
And then I wonder, what’s left of this our Africa?
This Africa we’re trying to heal
This Africa we’re trying to groom
Pain has taken away its gloom
What’s left, we try to mend
And here’s what Africa said to me
“I’m not to blame”
With tears in her eyes as she looks to her leaders, she cried….
Why does it have to be about you?
Can’t it be about me for once?
What’s so beautiful about looting and ripping me apart?
What’s so pertinent about sitting on that seat without making any visible impact?
Time itself will definitely have its share of your exploits
The worms will come for your corpse
Yet your pleasure is in gathering possessions
When you should be fighting recessions
Give me back my food please
I need it to grow
Do not sell it to hades
Your pockets are fat enough
I can’t stand on my feet, but I need to
I am trying to fly higher, why draw me lower?
The games you play drain my power
Your escapades purge my growth
My children need my milk
Why sell it to the children of others?
I want to sing out loud
Why choke me with poisonous gas?
My curves have flattened out
I’m no longer in shape
Please give me a chance
Help me clean this mess
Help me see the brightness of day once again
Allow me use my wings freely again
Release me from this prison I’ve been kept
Give me my legs so I can walk with them
Give me my clothes so I can cover my nakedness
Let my friends see that I’m whole again
Let the world know that Africa is liberated
I need to fly again……..
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Cirphrank is a pun. Web developer, content writer, 2D minimalist UI, blogger. Breathing poetry. What makes many mad makes some Philosophers, what makes others sad makes me write. A lover of tech and the arts.

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