I’ll be gone by the morning
Let’s just stay here till then
Hold me like it’s the last time
You’ll ever see me again.
I’m leaving on an airplane
Don’t you ask me till when
Hold me like it’s the last time
You’ll ever see me again.
(You’ll ever see me again.)
R.city (Again
‘I never thought I could run into you here.’ Tori said barely keeping her voice neat. She had her stethoscope around her neck and she quickly inserted her phone in one of the big pockets of the labcoat she was putting on.
This Marcus guy is indeed tall that Tori really has to throw her head backwards a little to actually look at him in the face and he has to bow a little to look down at her.
Down at her?
I think that needs rephrasing though. Tori doesn’t seem to like the sound of that. Not in her head. She was done with being looked down upon
Anyways, back to this goliath, neatly shaved handsome….
Okay enough of that. She snapped herself out of whatever that is.
He looks taller than Tobi.
He is taller than Tobi. That is one certain truth if she really has to be honest with herself cos she doesn’t really need to throw her head back to look at Tobi in the face But Tobi’s height is kinda presentable compared to his.
There are some heights in humans that are just a ‘No No’ and Tobi’s height is just like the height she wants her dream guy to have. And his build too. One obvious turn on.
What was she doing?
Dreaming all about Tobi right in the day? Tobi was her nightmare, Yes. A funny one though, with those thin, cute lips of….
Snap out of it girl!
She knows she wasn’t all that tall yet she has never been categorised as being short either. She had this tiny, slender and almost straight figure that her curves were barely noticeable.
Actually, her curves can’t be noticed with her choice of clothes. She either wears this big shirts over skinny trousers or a short or long flared gowns.
Just think of any clothes that isn’t tight fitting, Tori definitely has it in her closet .
Not that she possesses much ‘asset’ anyway. She is an African girl with all Asian stature.
‘Are you here to visit a patient?’ Tori added.
Yeah. Like, what other business could Marcus possibly have in the hospital? He is an architect for goodness sake and he seemed really into that Doctor he was greeting earlier. Maybe he has a sick relation here and he kept showing up that all the doctors knew him already.
‘Actually, I’m here to see a friend and I was thinking I’d be lucky to see you. Seems like I’m very lucky right?’ He smiled with the edge of his lips.
If you have seen a cute guy do that before, then you can be a witness thst one can’t really resist the urge of drooling. And that’s exactly what Tori was trying to do, resist the urge.
‘Idris…’ He called out to the attending physician he was talking to earlier who was busy giving instructions to a plump nurse who kept nodding at whatever the doctor was telling her. When he was done talking to the nurse who seemed to have entered one of the wards, he came to join the duo where they stood.
‘Idris, this is the lady I told you about, Tori…’ He said with all smiles.
‘Oh!’ The ‘oh’ made it sound like there was much meaning attached to it than just the two-lettered word.
‘You mean this is the lady you keep asking me to keep tabs on once internship starts? The one you keep saying looks like J… Well, she does look like her. Somehow. How did you…’ Dr. Idris said every word completely oblivious of all signs Marcus made to tell him to stop rambling. He already did the damage to this point before he actually saw him
‘Oh..’ His ‘oh’ is the ‘I wish I could take back everything I said type. But he doesn’t really mean it because he continued anyway. Only talking to Tori this time.
‘This dude here asked me to keep tabs on you but he failed to tell me which department you were posted to. You won’t believe he couldn’t even compose his own words well whenever he wants to talk about you. He always stammers. I can see why he do now. it’s the cuteness that must have blocked his larynx. It’s really nice meeting you though.’ Dr Idris extended his hand to her and she took it. She couldn’t believe she was actually creating good relationship with one of her superiors.
‘You can call me whenever you need anything, Okay?’ Tori only nodded her reply at Doctor Idris. She can’t even find her voice.
‘Dude, I’ve got to rush. And also, stop stalking her here. This is an hospital for goodness sake. Do that somewhere else.’ He said hurriedly leaving. Saving his jaw from an unhealthy blow.
I don’t even know why he worries that much about a blow. They are in the hospital premises nah.
‘Don’t worry about that guy. So, were you avoiding me?’ Marcus said still looking down at her. It was obvious he just got over being embarrassed.
‘Avoid you?’ She blew air through her lips to show how absurd that sounds even though it was so true she was. ‘Why would I do that?’ She finally asked. A question she already knew the answer to.
‘Well, it looks like it. You told me you were busy so I rarely call but whenever I give you my once in a while call, you rarely pick up. So I just had no choice but think you really were avoiding Mr. I’m sorry for accusing you.’ Marcus apologized.
Like seriously, dear. If you know better you wouldn’t do that. It’s not even an accusation, it’s the truth. Tori just smiled. She was feeling guilty for making him feel guilty.
‘I was going to tell you my sister was getting married..’ He announced and Tori interrupted.
‘Oh! When is that?’ Tori seemed interested. Marriage is not really something you ignore. Not something women will anyway.
‘Was.’ He corrected ‘She already did. Last Saturday.’ He broke the news and Tori felt bad for that. She was avoiding him when he was only going to tell her about his sister’s weddinh. ‘I’m sorry.’ She stuttered.
‘You don’t have to be. I think I’m holding you up for too long. When you get off duty, can you call me. We can just go somewhere and celebrate your first day.’ He was smiling again. Not that she could tell whether he was or wasn’t. He appears to be smiling every time she was bold enough to look up at his face.
Were is lips broken or something?
‘I really don’t know…’ Tori couldn’t even finish her statement before he cuts in.
‘Please don’t say no…’ He pleaded.
‘Okay, I’d think about it. If I would be able to make it, I would call you.’ She said.
‘Thanks.’ He seemed pleased hearing that.
‘I think I should get going now.’ She said, her hands still in the pockets. She sensed he was staring at her back. Feeling his eyes on her back made her walking irregular.
She almost tripped.
Tobi was already at the hospital. He glanced at his wristwatch and he was like twenty minutes early.
That’s kind of surprising.
It wasn’t like he was going on a date or something and he was ten minutes early. He couldn’t believe he could take tormenting and annoying someone to this extent.
Like, he has always been late all his life that his own mum was concerned about him being his wedding.
He couldn’t believe he would be this early just to say some stewpid words to someone who was going to reply him with equally fooolish words.
Is he addicted to taunting her?
He was wearing a well ironed white, buttoned, long sleeved shirt (which he had the sleeves rolled to his elbow) over a well ironed black trouser. His black leather shoe shone which it owes to a great shoe polish.
And he was holding a bouquet!
He should have known better than to ask his mum for advice on what to give Tori as her first day at work’s gift. She didn’t even think about it before telling him to get her a bouquet.
It was like tragedy and he would have declined if he had a better option
Which he doesn’t.
His mum do all his ironing and polishing while grumbling, the main topic of her grumbling is him getting married and becoming responsible.
Like, what does getting married even have to do with polishing shoe? His mum could bring marriage up in different forms.
He leaned closer to his car and glanced at his wrist watch once again. She should be getting off work any minute. He had parked his car off at some rear end of the hospital. He didn’t want Jo running into him, and to avoid that, he needed to give her as much space as possible.
There she is. Tori was walking with some guy beside her. He couldn’t make the guy’s face but he looked somewhat familiar. Not Marcus. Definitely not Marcus. Tori wasn’t really hard to find. She was wearing a gown just on her knee and the flare was all black and blue. She was laughing so hard over something the guy said and Tobi was sure whatever that is, wasn’t even funny.
Girls and fake laughter though!
What’s so funny!
Why was he acting all pissed over her laughing over some other guys jokes(Dry jokes actually)? It was not like he had been pronounced to be the only official clown in her life.
Wait a minute.
It’s like she didn’t even see him. Not like he really blamed her though. His car had been carefully hidden behind blocks of the hospital and it appears like he was the only one who could see her from this end.
He was going to come out into the open for her to see him when he felt something touch his shoulder. He leaped a few distance away from the touch, then turned around to see what it was.
It wasn’t a what. It was a who.
She was giggling at his stewpidity. She was wearing a green chiffon top over a blue jean and her hair was parked into that messy bun she liked so much.
‘Why did you jump that fast? I didn’t mean to scare you!’ She laughed again.
Good Job Tobi. You just made a public fool out of yourself.
‘What are you doing here and what is that?’ She pointed to the bouquet in his hands and Tobi wanted to drop it like he was a suspect and the bouquet was a blood stained knife but instead, he just held onto it.
‘This?’ He scratched the back of his neck like by doing that, lies would just pop up. ‘It’s for you.’ He said holding it out to her.
She collected it from him after giving him an unsure look.
‘This is weird. When did you start being all romantic?’ She bit her lips ‘Thanks.’ She smiled.
‘So are you going home now?’ He asked hurriedly.
‘Yeah. Mum just got back and I just have to be with her. What about you, are you going home now?’
‘Not yet, I’m here to see a sick friend’s cousin’s son.’
You could do better than than that Tobi. But really, he can’t say he came to relax!
In the hospital? Nah!
Jo had this ‘Na so.’ Smile on her face. She knew he was hiding something. Something she would have loved to find out if she weren’t in a hurry to get home.
‘Okay. I’d get going now. And Thanks for the bouquet.’ She said walking a few metres before jumping inside her car and driving off.
That was a close one.
He looked at the spot where he saw Tori and the guy and she was still there. Only the guy was leaving now.
Tobi came out in the open looking in another direction entirely making it look like he hadn’t seen her and of course, she spot him immediately. She seemed quite elated to see him and she was smiling as she walked to him.
After exchanging a few words (annoying words) with each other. They were inside the car and Tobi was in no time on the road.
‘So, you were laughing at some guy’s joke.’ Tobi started after they had been silent for some minutes. It was more like an accusation than a statement.
‘I don’t know when laughing has become a crime under the constitution.’
‘It is. When you are laughing at something that isn’t funny. You are deceiving the deliverer of that joke that he is doing a good job when he isn’t and deceit is a crime you know.’ He was being annoying trying to act all smart.
‘Dr Idris is funny and you can’t just judge him without even knowing him.’ Tori said
‘You seem into him.’ Tobi said.
‘Would you just stop already? I’m tired.’ Tori moaned and reclined on the seat. The seatbelt still well fastened across her chest.
‘Tired? After doing just what exactly?’ He found her statement hilarious and not well said
‘You have not dealt with humans before so I can’t really blame you.’ Tori said
‘I’ve been dealing with you for the past how many weeks now? Two or so. I would only agree I’ve never dealt with humans before if you admit you are some wild animal that escaped from the zoo…’ Tobi was interrupted by Tori.
‘Don’t steal my line…’ She warned
And the rest of the ride home was spent word-bashing one another.
Eventually, they were home. Tori opened the sitting room door and…
‘SURPRISE!!!’ Tife and her mum yelled immediately she stepped in. Tobi appeared shocked too he wasn’t expecting it. Tife was holding a beautiful cake which has ‘CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST DAY’ inscribed on it.’ All the flames on the candle appeared to be dancing. Participating in the moment if bliss.
Tobi’s mum took turn to drag Tori to the dinning room where there was hardly any space to hold any plate on the dinning table because it was all filled with different delicacies and earthenwares
‘Wait a minute, who cooked this?’ Tobi asked searching both his mum’s eyes and Tife’s.
‘Me.’ His mum announced smiling.
Just as he had guessed.
‘Let’s just soak garri instead.’ Tobi declared.
‘No, it’s fine. We ordered the food. Mum was just trying to pull your legs.’ Tife said.
‘Let’s sit down and eat. It’s Tori’s big day.’ His mum seem excited. She dragged a chair backward then seat on it after which she started dishing the the food into the plates. And the others also sat down.
Tobi watched how silent Tori was while his mum and Tife talked away hardly noticing her moodiness. It appeared she was stunned and not expecting it. She look… Sad?
But why would she be sad?
After the meal (the one she didn’t finish) Tori walked upstairs after saying a silent thank you to Tobi’s mum and Tife.
He watched her closely and knew something was wrong. He took a few spoon from his food, hurriedly drank water then went upstairs leaving his mum and Tife to chatter away. He slowed down as he approached her room. Silent sobs were coming from there.
He was going to leave her and ho back downstairs when he saw himself standing before her door and slightly turning the handle. Being careful not to make any noise. When he stepped in, he saw her on her bed.
All curled up.
Her head between her knees as she wrapped her arms around her legs. She looked up when she heard the door creaked and Tobi could see how wet her face was. He sat next to her on the bed, his legs right on the floor.
‘Nobody has ever done that for me.’ She started before he could even ask. She was looking at him now. Her chin on her knee.
‘Cakes are what I always dream of seeing on my birthdays while I was a kid. A wish that never came true. Not even after I grew up.’ She sniffed a little before continue.
‘Seeing your mum and sister do that for me is….is…’ She was weeping again. Hard this time.
Her head fell on his shoulder as she wept a bit more. He made no attempt to stop her. She stopped weeping after a few minutes and all he heard were sniffing. Her head still on his shoulder.
Then, he heard no sound from her. He left her like that for some minutes before he bent his head to check and he found out she was sleeping. Peacefully. On his shoulders.
He patted her back lightly. Slowly. He moved his shoulder back and forth rocking her a bit.


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