Some girls walk in the room and everything remains
But when you opened up the door
My life completely changed
Some girls be craving that attention to be seen
But the one I’m looking at is right in front of me…
Charlie Puth (Then there is you)
Everything seemed normal when he got to Jo’s place. The gatekeeper greeted him like he always do and there was no panic in the air like he have sensed.
Jo better have some great reasons for frightening him that badly.
‘Oh! Thank God you’re here!’
She screamed as she came towards him. The sitting room was good as you must guessed and she was looking great as usual.
Stunning is actually the word even though Tobi knew she didn’t really put much effort into her looks this morning, she still looked amazing. She was dishelved, Yes. But she was still as beautiful as ever.
Not wasting much time, drooling over her ever sensual, provocative, breathtaking…
‘What are you thinking about?’ She snapped her fingers at his face. Her face was just a few inches from his. The finger snapping thingy brought him back to reality and he just cleared his throat like everything was cool.
He moved to sit on one of the posh sofas avoiding looking at her.
‘So, you were saying?’ He asked.
‘Something urgent just came up.’
Yeah you said that on phone.
‘Mum is coming back home this morning!’ She throw her arms in the air to show how very important that is.
Well, whichever direction Tobi tries to see it, he didn’t see an iota of emergency in that. She must be kidding if that was the sole reason why he had to rush over here nearly crashing into another car on his way.
The quizzical look and a mixture of ‘are you serious’ countenance on Tobi’s face must have told her he needed her to expantiate on that.
‘Well, it so happens today is her birthday. I totally forgot! she called this morning and she was like I forgot today is her birthday right? And I was like no and she was like she is on her way home already and being the first time she’d be having her birthday at home….’
‘Are you kidding? The first birthday your mum would be celebrating with you!’ Tobi spat. That was so weird.
Is she a pilot or what?
‘Well, something like that. You know she’s always travelling and all. So, she never really has the chance to celebrate her birthday at home. While dad was alive, we celebrate it at a later date. Maybe a few days or weeks after her birthday. I won’t be wasting time explaining that though… The real problem is, I prepared nothing for her birthday. I even forgot it’s her birthday! So I already ordered for a cake and it has arrived, the maids are in the kitchen cooking…’
Tobi watched her do the explanation and waited for the time when he came in.
‘….I called a few of her friends and none of them can make it. So, since dad isn’t here anymore, you are the only family I could think of. It would be weird if it’s just me and her you know.’
Well, that explanation is satisfying enough.
‘What am I supposed to do then?’
‘You’d just have to be here and we’d wait for her. When she gets here, we’d have breakfast tog….’
Wait a minute, the mentioning of breakfast really got him remembering something. Why can’t he….
He was supposed to be having breakfast with that girl! He feels so bad not letting her know before dissapearing. It seems really annoying.
‘So, how long is it going to take her to get here?’
‘She didn’t exactly say where she is. I don’t even know where she is right now, she just told me she is already on her way.’
Great. Only God knows how many hours he would spend here or is it days? It would be great if it were days though.
Just Jo and him….
‘Where did she really tell you she was going?’ He asked waving of the evil internal monologue he was having with himself.
‘I can’t say. My mum is not all that static. Although she told me she was going to Dubai the day she left but just a few days ago, she told me she was already in Amsterdam. She is completely unpredictable!’ She rolled her eyes which made it seem like the rolling of the eyes was just for show. She seemed so proud of her mum’s travelling spree.
‘Let’s talk about something else. Are you dating now?’ Did she really just say that or he needs a trip to the the auditory doctor or do they also have a name they are being called?
All this doctors sef.
Tobi was surprised, stunned, scared curious and embarrassed all at the same time.
Surprised because she never really showed interest in his relationship before and the sudden interest completely awed him.
Stunned because of reason number one.
Curious about why she showed sudden interest and he was enthusiastic as he thought she was thinking what he was thinking.
She probably hitting on him. Doing the asking out herself. Reminding him she was also single and urging him to make the first move.
That sounds so ridiculous, unbelievable and absurd. Yet, he just added it to his options. It’s good to be optimistic sometimes.
‘Why are you asking?’ If he was going to answer, he needs to know why.
‘You seem pretty occupied. You stopped hitting me up ever since I left Abuja and that got me thinking you were probably dating now. So is that a Yes?’
Oh, that was it.
Man, was he disappointed? As punishment for dissapointing him, he won’t tell her.
‘You are not talking?’ She asked again still giving him that inquiring look.
‘You should know me better than anyone. So, you should figure it out yourself. Now, if you would be a nice little lady, you should atleast get me something. A drink probably.’
‘Oh! Sorry’ She smiled as she stood up and walked to the tall fridge just at another end of the sitting room.
‘By the way, I was told Marcus’ sister is getting married this Saturday. That’s his only sister and amazingly he didn’t invite me to the wedding…’ She said and she picked a glass cup and poured half the bottled drink inside it then placed both bottle and cup on the stool beside Tobi.
Why was she bringing up that guy again? She seemed annoyed she wasn’t invited.
‘While we were dating, he was always talking about how I’d be in charge of everything on her wedding and how…’
‘Are you not over him yet?’ Tobi asked. Slightly irritated she was daydreaming about that dude. He picked the glass cup to his lips making his face seem blank. Like he wasn’t really interested even though his eyes, ears and other sense organs were all hyperactive now.
‘Well,’ she smiled as she sat back down. ‘He was the first guy to ever dump me. It was kind of unexpected so I guess I’m still a bit not over him.’
She wasn’t over him. That was like some bad news. A blow on the groin!
What kind of guy breaks up with Jo anyway? That Marcus guy must be dumb or something.
Well wait a minute, if she wasn’t over him. Why did she pull that drama the first night in Abuja?. When she saw that guy and somewhat neglected him and even went ahead to deny him before the guy whatever his name was.
‘That reminds me, who was that guy you ran into at the dinner that first night in Abuja. The doctor guy…’
‘Oh’ she was smiling again. Was she born to smile or something. ‘He was Marcus’ best friend. I met Marcus through him. He works at my hospital and he was….’
‘Why don’t you give your mum a call now. Let’s know where she is.’ Tobi needed to stop her from her daydream and also stop his hand from twitching in anger just looking at her. So she was trying to create a good impression on Marcus’ friend huh?
‘Mum, where are you? We’ve been waiting…yeah… Tobi is here… What!…. Why won’t I take you serious? You are kidding right…. Seriously? What am I going to do about the cake and food now?…. I am so mad at you right now…. That’s one expensive joke you know… Alright bye.’ The frown on her face and also following the conversation intently, he hopes all he heard were just his wildest imaginations.
‘Would you believe mum never left? She said she was pulling my legs and won’t be home until next week! Can you imagine?’
Of course, I can’t.
My imaginations blur right now.
I left someone hanging only to come here and have you daydream about your ex who is my sworn rival.
What else could be worse than than that?…
Walking aimlessly is really terrible
Now, where did that boy go?
He wasn’t even picking his calls.
Tori must have been walking for half an hour or so now without an actual destination. She had made several turns she wasn’t that sure she hasn’t lost her way yet.She had thought he went to wait for her outside with the car only for her to come outside and not find him. She had told his mum they would be back after the walk so she can’t possibly go back to his house now.
Actually, the reason why she can’t go back is because she still can’t face his mum. Instead, she had chosen to walk thinking she might run into him on the way.
But why did he leave without telling her?
That’s so rude and she was pretty annoyed. Or was it probably one of his pranks.
Her stomach rumbled and she knew she needs to get something to eat. The street was empty.
All this rich people and silence though. They hardly relate with their neighbours and are almost always inside. Unlike where she grew up, every house in this vicinity was fenced and ‘gated’ if there is even anything like that.
Tori opened her purse. She found two one thousand naira note and an ATM card. Well, she should at least get somewhere to sit and eat and also pass the time too. She prays food here isn’t as expensive as she heard it always is in this part of Nigeria. Checking her phone for some kind of message or something from Tobi, she proceeded down the road.
An eatery was just a few metres away. She can try that place. Hopefully, it might not be as bad as she had dreaded. She was going to cross the road to the other side where the eatery was when a Jeep made her retreated back to the side of the road as it parked right in front of her.
Some drivers weren’t really taught traffic rules and regulations, were they?
She was moving away from the Jeep to try crossing again when the lady that alighted from the jeep came towards her. She was wearing a polka dotted white gown and she was also wearing a pair of sunglasses too. Her wig was made into a messy bun.
She looked so familiar but Tori couldn’t place where she met her. The dark shades she was putting on made things a bit difficult too.
‘Torry!’ There was only one person who pronounced her name with a vibrating ‘r’ and an almost silent ‘y’ after it.
Okay Janice was like the most jovial girl in college of health sciences back then in school. She was known by virtually everybody. She was very fond of Tori owing to the fact that Tori was like one of the best students in the department and quite a popular one too. The last time they saw each other must be when they had their Induction.
‘Baby!’ Janice said wrapping her arms around Tori who seemed quite elated too. ‘I never expected you’d be in Lagos! It’s so surprising! You’d be doing your outsmanship here right? Well, me too, I just got back after my wedding…’
‘You are married?’ Tori was surprised and her smile widened.
‘Well, I sure am.’ She said showing off her wedding ring as she waved it at Tori’s face smiling.
‘Wow! That’s amazing. I’m so happy for you’ Tori hugged her again.
‘Thank you! You are the first course mate I ran into! Like, it’s great right… You know what? I’d give you my number and you, yours. I have somewhere I really have to be right now.’ She said and they exchanged numbers. ‘I missed you guys so much.’ She gushed then after they reminiscence about old times for a few minutes, they waved each other goodbye and Janice left.
Tori went into the eatery feeling rather famished. The eatery was almost empty except for a middle-aged man who was busy with breakfast and kept looking at his watch as he stuffed himself.
Tori collected the tray of food thar the she ordered. It was as expensive as she had feared that she had battled with her mind before paying.
Her phone was ringing.
Holding the tray with one hand and fetching her phone from her pocket with the other, she tried picking the call.
The next thing she saw was all her food splattered on the floor. She had bumped into a guy who wasn’t looking his way too as he was receiving a call. Tori felt like crying!
That couldn’t be the food she struggled to buy!
She gave the guy a death stare. Her eyes not blinking and eyeball not roving. Just that perfect murderous stare.
‘Oh oh’ the guy murmured and immediately terminated his call. ‘I’m really so sorry. It’s totally my fault. ‘
Well, yeah. It certainly is.
It was hers too but she wasn’t taking responsibility. Not when money is involved.
‘You should buy another one. It’s totally on me.’
Well, that would make her feel petty if he would be buying her food.
But if she looks at it in another way, it’s partially his fault and he was just paying for the damage. And also she was so damn hungry!
That was her N2500 on the floor!
So, a minute later they were sitting facing each other. Both eating different meals.
‘If you don’t mind, can I have your number?’
Tori looked up from her food and sat up cleaning her mouth with the tissue paper. He is cute and quite gentle too.
‘Miss?’ He called snapping her out of her reverie.
She gave him after debating with herself for a while.
‘Here is mine.’ He dictated after saving hers.
Tori saw that it was Tobi who called and indirectly caused the accident. She scoffs at his name and went ahead to type the guy’s number.
‘What’s your name?’ She asked when she tapped ‘save contact’
‘Marcus. The name is Marcus.’

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