Do you know why the wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger of your left hand?
Ans: ‘Cos It is believed to be the only finger that has a vein that is directly connected to our hearts
– Greek Mythology
After making that call and ensuring the phone was safe, Tobi checked his reflection in the huge standing mirror and for the upteenth time, he gave his reflection a thumbs up. Peering closer to the mirror, he touched the tip of his tongue with his thumb and gently brushed his brow lightly to the ends.
Oh, great. Let’s see how Johanna’s gonna react to him in suit.
She seemed to get easily attracted to men in suit and he could tell that was how that Marcus got to her. The dude was always in suits or sometimes blazers that Tobi had to conclude he has no other stuff in his closet aside suits.
It was a relief those two had to break up. He had lost all hope of getting Johanna when the duo started dating. Jo was so all over him that she didn’t try reaching Tobi the few months those two spent together as a couple.
Tobi couldn’t imagine his joy when he got her call after months of expectation and his joy quadrupled when she broke the news of their break up to him amidst sobs. There was nothing like getting your rival out of the way without having to do anything.From then on, his motto was never to mess up his chances with Jo ever again.
If she likes men in suit that much, he wouldn’t mind wearing suit for the rest of his life, he would be another Marcus-in-suit for her if that’s what he takes to be with her.
Even if it kills him.
Tobi actually wasn’t a fan of suits. He sees them as torture and only wore them when he has to do something very official or crucial business related activities. His office wear were rather too simple or casual and his uncle has always been on his neck when it comes to his choice of wears.
Tobi was in the pavement in no time with a glass of wine in hand. A crowd of people were already forming clusters randomly on different parts of the hall. He searched for Jo through the hall his eyes roaming from one cluster of head to another.
It was a 3-day Medical Conference and dinner. Why Jo invited him to be her date for the conference still amazed him considering the fact that his career differs a great deal from whatever this people were doing. He doubts if he would ever understand a word regarding the topic of the night.
Tobi almost called out to her when he finally saw her in the company of two other girls and they were having a healthy chat as they kept smiling and laughing. She was facing him while the other girls had their backs turned in his direction.
Jo looked ravishing in the blue gown she wore which left her arms and legs bare. The brown wavy hair brought out the outline of her perfectly shaped face which matched the tone of her breathtaking well tanned skin. She really took his breath away and he had to control himself by swallowing her name back into his gut.
So, where does he start?
He needs to let her notice him without making it obvious that he was stalking and had seen her the whole time. He walked towards her hiding behind people when necessary until he was finally behind her and they both had their backs turned. Gently pushing himself backwards a little nudging her elbow with his, he succeeded in getting her attention.
‘Hey…’ He acted all surprised ‘I didn’t see you there.’ He placed his hands on his hips dramatically. The smile on her lips tells him she already knows he was faking it.
He should have taken his drama lessons back then in college seriously. He never knew he was going to put it into good use.
After a quick introduction to her colleagues, Tobi shook hands with them one after the other.
‘Dr. Coker really has eyes when it comes to guys. Your date is so cute.’ One of the girls said.
What was that hot thing on his cheek. Was he really blushing? He watched as Jo smiled away their compliments and excused herself as she locked her arms with his. They moved to another part of the hall
‘Wow you are looking great! The suit suits you’
Yes! Yes! Yes!
The butterflies in his head fluttered. He turned his face away from her afraid she might be able to read his thoughts through his face. No one can trust this doctors, they could be psychics if they want to.
‘Hmmm… You are not looking bad as well.’
Gosh! You look amazing! was the word he had planned to say but his arrogant mouth had to say the substitute. He sensed her disappointment from the way she pursed her lips. Did he just break her heart with his words.
‘You look gorgeous Jo! I didn’t mean to say it that you didn’t look bad.. I was going to say you look amazing. Didn’t know what got caught up in my throat…’ He faked a slight cough.
Jo smiled again and he knows she already got what she wanted out of him. He felt frustrated with himself.
‘I’m so glad you could make it. I was afraid you’d be in Lagos and I would be without a date tonight.’
‘Oh that..’ He scratched the back of his neck thoughtfully.
‘I had been in Abuja for three days now. So, when you asked me to be your date tonight and I have a free night, I see no harm coming.’ The lie came out so smooth he was scared of himself.
Did he just do that?
His mind flashed back to when she called this afternoon and asked him to be her date for the conference. He had lied he was in Abuja and after she dropped the call, he took a cab to the airport and got a room for himself for twice the actual price.
‘Thanks for coming Tobi.’ Her almond shaped eyeballs showed sincerity.
He stifled a smile by putting the wine glass to his lips and sipping gently.
‘What were doing in Abuja anyways?’ The question was so unexpected that he choked on his drink. He had been so dumb that he didn’t prepare any excuse whatsoever.
‘huh…I…errr…’ Tobi stammered his answer out
‘Dr. Coker…’ Tobi had never been grateful for any interruption when it comes to him and Jo but he was grateful for this one.
The guy that called Jo was just an inch away from her. He has quite an height and even though he hated to admit it, the guy was way cooler and way too handsome that he could get loads of girls by a snap of his fingers.
And he was in suits!
Tobi could feel his blood boil venomously and jealousy made him grit his teeth unconsciously. He watched both of them talk like they had known each other for forever. Tobi tightened his grip on Jo. He wasn’t letting her go just yet. Not when this guy is here anyways. He was too lost in own thought that he didn’t notice the guy outstretched hand.
‘Tobi’ Jo’s voice snapped him out of reverie and he shook the guy’s hand violently with a stiff smile on his lips.
‘Your boyfriend is quite strong for his looks.’ He said as he wrung his palm off Tobi’s grip.
Does it take that long to figure it out dummy. I do GYM! Now stay away from my girlfriend.
‘He’s not my boyfriend.’ Jo’s statement slashed through his heart like a samurai’s sword. ‘He is a long time friend I ran into tonight.. So, how is Dr. Felix?’ She said the last statement by freeing her hand from the union it had with Tobi’s hand.
That was just more than he could take. A long time friend she ran into at the dinner? Tobi need not be told Jo has something for this guy and she didn’t want him thinking they were a couple. Why did she have to lie about him being her date? She was flirting too much for someone who had a break up a week ago. Now, he knows she wasn’t joking when she said they wouldn’t be more than friends. She has dated so many guys that he had lost count and she never took a look at his side. Someone who was willing to do anything to get her. Even wear suits!
Tobi smiled and drank the rest of his drink in one gulp then excused himself from the duo. He could tell that Jo’s eyes lingered on his back as he left but it wasn’t for long because he heard a shrill laughter from her a few moments later.
What was even that funny?
Someone please stop that music. Toriola had her palm on her ears. It was something like 7:30 am. Who the hell plays music this early? The music stopped after a while and Tori tried to go back to her sweet dream but she knew that was the end of her dreaming for today.
Trying to shut her eyes, the music started all over again and it was then she discovered it was a ringtone. That wasn’t her phone’s ringtone. What…..
Oh! That phone.
She sat up, pillow on her legs and picked the phone from beside her. The caller I.D displayed ‘MUM’. She was having second thoughts about picking the call, then finally, she did.
‘Hello’ she said politely into the phone. She heard a gasp from the other end.
‘How the hell did my phone end up with a lady? Tobi is so in for it… Mum! A lady picked up the call… Why did you even give my phone to him… If you were going to seize it, you should have just kept it anywhere at home….’ It was a teenager’s voice and Tori heard everything on the other end quite clearly.
‘So that you can steal it back like you always do?..’ An elderly female voice said and the voice seemed like it was from a distance. ‘What were you saying about a lady picking up your phone. Would it be that Tobi has a girlfriend… Oh my God. Tife, give me the phone….. Hello?’ Tori could hear her voice clearly. The excitement in her voice was rather astonishing.
So, Tobi was that guy that called the other night.
‘How was your night my dear.’
‘It was fine ma. Actually…’
‘By the look of things, you must be in Abuja with Tobi. How did you guys even meet?’
‘No Ma. I..’
‘You don’t have to be shy about it. I’m his mum, you can say anything to me. Don’t allow him make you tell lies…’
‘You know what? You can call me mum from now on.’
‘But I’m not your son’s girlfriend…’ Tori said but she realised the line was dead. She tried calling the number that called the other night but the credit status was low so, she copied the number to her phone and dialled. After several rings, he picked it up.
‘Hello… Please who is this?’ His voice was kind of ruffled like he just woke up.
‘I have the iPhone with me… Remember, you forgot it in the cab…’
‘Yeah, Yeah I remember… Why are you calling this early?’
‘Your mum and sister called me this morning and….’
‘What? You would have to do me another favour. Switch off that other phone and never switch it on. I would reach you through this from now on… Besides, what’s your name?’
Why does he think he was in control? Why is he so authoritative? Maybe he needs to be reminded that she was the one holding the iPhone.
‘Give me one reason why I should tell you my name?’
‘Goodness.’ He scoffed. ‘Were you thinking I was hitting on you? I thought you were matured enough to tell when a guy is hitting on you and when he isn’t. Don’t worry I’d just save your name with bighead instead.’
‘Oh, that’s so charming. I can sense the maturity in your speech already.’
‘I know your type. You play hard to get yet you seem to be throwing yourself to some guy who clearly doesn’t even know you exist…’ That statement got to Tori. She ended the call without hesitation.
‘Oh you’re up.’ James poked his head inside from behind the door. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t knock.’
‘It’s okay. You can come in.’ Tori smiled. James entered with a tray there was a cup of tea and slices of toasted bread on the tray. He dropped it on the bed beside her.
Tori felt like ‘awww..ing’
‘Came to check up on you yesternight but you were asleep. I guess you were tired so I didn’t bother waking you up for dinner.’
‘Well, I’m grateful you didn’t. But you shouldn’t have gone through the trouble of making breakfast for me.’
James smiled shyly.
‘I think I’ll leave you to eat. Let me know if you need anything.’
‘Yeah sure. When i’m done. I’d need Richard’s address.’
‘Oh that. When you are done then.’ With that, he left the room closing the door behind. Tori stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up.

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