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Poem, Series
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love, t’s of may forms, sometimes sordid, sometimes sweet, sometimes awry, sometimes bliss.

Yes from her was like prayers answered by heaven
Lifetime with him was like bread fresh out of the oven
These kids are the real confectionaries
Love, just so pleasant and sweet.

Had I known, I’d not have said I do but rather say NO
For he’s the definition of nightmares made flesh
Had I known I’d not have slid in her dm
Now I’m stuck in a lifetime with the opposite of her selfies, ugliness in all ramifications.

I am those words muttered beneath your breath
Those wishes that leave you sometimes in despair
I am your high expectations, your lowliness that comes sudden at the thoughts of disappointment
I am but just hopeful, for truly no one knows, we all just dare.

I am love, to come as you’ve given, but apply caution still and do not forget to live in the moment.

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Cirphrank is a pun. Web developer, content writer, 2D minimalist UI, blogger. Breathing poetry.

What makes many mad makes some Philosophers, what makes others sad makes me write. A lover of tech and the arts.

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