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12LOL | The Series Revised (PDF)

12 Lines Of Love
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hi there! I’m Cirphrank… (let me act like you don’t know already.) And sometimes back on this platform I posted a couple poems under a series titles 12 LOL. If you read the caption attached to the featured image you’d by now have known the meaning of the LOL to be – Lines Of Love.

Having revisited the series, compiled them upon prior proofreading and saucing, I bring to you ladies and fine boys being rushed; my first Poetry PDF.


A 16 neat pages masterpiece because it’s a piece meant for you – (pun). Herein you would find love experiences scripted story-wise in prose-like poems. 12 poems, each has 12 lines, with words meant for your heart and mind.

Enough said, this is the best way to spend an MB, download below in just a click.

Click To Download 12LOL


Laced with pun in entirety, not calmly reading this PDF can to result into gross misunderstanding of its story-line and more. Heads up, they actually didn’t get married in HOW, read calmly to know what really happened therein.

Would love to get feedback from you, come drop a comment when you have read and do share. Thank you!


Iberi Benedict Ogochukwu

…breath taking piece that would leave one gasping for air. Intense and brilliant, every line leaves one wanting more, wishing it will never end.

“…Yes, over the years I’ve hid by the alley that she always passed by
every morning
Staring from the cornea of my eyes by the corner in one of the
How she sets fire to my soul and makes my feet cold as ice, gives
me life still, it’s just a mystery how she brings color to my world
better than my iris does to my eyes..”
This line hit me somewhere, up there and I could totally relate. Still lost in the awesomeness of this piece.


Simple song the last verse especially
China plates broke me
Words left me silent
X is my best
Generally its dope I feel the ones that impacted me was those I could relate by experience
Some lines were epic in every sense of the word
I have been trying so hard to move on but it’s all seeming like a moonwalk

Gallant Ella

Sweetheart you are good. I love your pun.
How is my best.


12 LOL is piercing. Communicates perfectly what the poet is feeling to the readers. Simple lines. Nothing complicated like regular poetry. Easy to read and understand. I love it.

Arthur Sage Iwuala

 Mehn! Epic
No mistake. No ink stain!… No mess up

Ola Adene The Raw Poet

Poetry is expected to reflect certain emotions and feelings rooted in vivid images; 12 LOL did not fall below par, even as Cirphrank employed the creative use of humour and pun.

The collection of twelve 12-line poems, can apparently be separated into halves: 6 love poems that will get a woman loving deeper. Other 6 poems that centered on heartbreak, fear, rejection and denial, as it relates to love.

In 45 minutes or lesser, you could have read all the poems. But, you would find yourself reading it again from the last to the first, then the first again to the last. It’s been neatly arranged and below each poem is its beautiful description and summary.

Cirphrank has done a very commendable job with 12 Lines Of Love, albeit I hope you will forgive him for leaving us with just one picture; for the poem “drunk n glad.”

CP Kings

“…How am I supposed to think straight, with your curves in the way…”
I already told CIRPHRANK that he is mad, so I won’t tell you you guys too, but his 12LOL(12 LINES OF LOVE), which is a compilation of 12 poems with 12 lines each is a definition PUN OH! GRAPHY. But this shouldn’t be a surprise if you knew CIRPHRANK, then you know him to be a PUNSTAR. But relax, I’ve only known him for some days, but his “WET DREAM” line I’ve know for more than a year. The 12 poems are a nice read. But while reading I also thought it would be a nice listen too.

The poems are not stereotypes, each poem carrying a different style from a different angle(that took me by surprise too).

This is not something you will want to miss reading. By the way the size sef nor big.
So go get your copy!!!

To CIRPHRANK, your style na your style. This is really nice for a series of miniature poems.

Mr. Shobande Adewale (C.E.O – Brandimproov Consult)

First one finished
To all the Men out there Loving Ladies they cannot approach………
Not a good place to be though, cos I have been there
Better Speak Up, Lest She is Spoken For
Na Man you be sha

But Really u dey Mad o
Tell me how did you Pen those words..
Those words are piercing, could literarily see myself in some of the Scenarios (in Falz’s Voice)
Las Las, You are bad like that sha!
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Cirphrank is a pun. Web developer, content writer, 2D minimalist UI, blogger. Breathing poetry.

What makes many mad makes some Philosophers, what makes others sad makes me write. A lover of tech and the arts.

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