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REJECTED (A True Life Story) By Livingstone Imonitie

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She was the definition of perfection.That coke bottle couldn’t be compared to her curved body.She smiled so bright like the sun,She was that shooting star that wasn’t hard for me to identify.She took all of my attention and became my distraction.Every night I heard her voice and the next morning, I looked forward to hearing …

IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER (PART 2) by Endurance Victor

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IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER (PART 2) by Endurance Victor She went home that evening after their first meeting,thinking about all that happened. Lying down comfortably on her well laid bed, she smiled and asked herself this question “could this be love?” The next day, she got a text from him informing her that he …



LIFE I feel life is more of an experience larger than we imagine, making lot of sense. We live to leave meat to the earth then to meet the Creator, isn’t it mysterious? It amazes me how people live like though we wouldn’t leave. Unconscious of the factual truth we don’t own our life lest we strife. …

Paul Word – Be Me

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Debut music from a renowned poet, whom I call Ichie Pslamist Paul Lee! for he (Paul Word Uma) has over time proven himself to be a lyrical don winning slam championships and more. In this release, we hear him venture into another form of expressing his lyrical artistry and he sure did justice to delivering the …


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Please don’t die on meAsake no, you can’t leave me this wayFREEZE!!!! Your hands on your head immediately, Your hands on your head I say…  Sir it was an accident, believe me… By my pleas fell on deaf earsAs my head was smashed to the car screen, Forced to the station, I wept in tears.  And so that …