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My church missing, late-coming story and 5 reasons why you should not miss Sunday service

Christian, Sunday, Sunday piece

Foreword: This is not in anyway written to make any reader of this blog who is a Muslim feel intimidated, isolated or anything similar. Good afternoon great folks, and happy Sunday! Well, this piece is to basically give those of you that have decided to skip church today a nudge to not do so, but for …

Happy New Month


Aha! hello there pal, welcome to the month of the you know… Nothing! I’m just kidding with y’all. But I’m pretty excited for it is my birth month and it’s also another leap in the year and here we are still breathing, something to be grateful to God for, and it started on a Friday! …

Black Diamond

Poem, Poetic

I am living in a dream That day you set across the sea That day your boat sailed towards my empty shores Not minding the bad Navigation. If this was an equation I can’t solve the you + me thing I feel I feel it, but can’t see it I feel the wonders, beauty, joy, …